Social Experience Design for the Fediverse

Corporate social media has failed. They are anti-social and detrimental to society. The Fediverse revolves around people and true social networking. Solidground will help you to make it shine. We aim to ease the creation of new solutions, so that you can design seamless social experiences. This project is in early stages of development.

Come Create With Us

Focus More On What Matters, Worry Less About The Tech

With Our Tools To Guide You • You Can Focus On What People Want

A Fresh Take On Decentralized Social Networking

By exploring social aspects methodically, together we can address them creatively.

Address Big Challenges

Solidground wants to lower the technical barriers to encourage new applications and services to emerge. With integrated specs and living documentation, solutions have interoperability fully baked in. We call these modular apps social experiences.

Building applications for the Fediverse is too hard. With no steering bodies and involved community there is growing complexity and protocol decay. We must change course, encourage adoption and further innovation.

For The Benefit Of Many

There is a gap that exists between technical experts and the people using their work. By enabling inclusive participation, more active collaboration and stronger community bonds should be established.

Solidground stimulates this by means of social coding and process guidance. We want to empower many people to help create solutions for existing fedizens, and also appeal to a broader audience of non-profits, cooperatives, government and SMB's.

Towards Social Innovation

We offer a practical approach to enable you to take social networking in a direction where online and offline aren't seen as separate. Together as creators we enter the field of social experience design or SX to translate needs into online services tailored to people, their relationships, and who they really are.

For too long now Social Media have clouded our vision of what 'social' truly means. We must reaffirm that the entire web is social in nature, and must be supportive to daily life.

Get Started With Groundwork Floorplanner

An online design space to help create solutions that match people's needs.

Discover People's Needs

Brainstorm together, capture requirements, specify functionality, map the domain.

Design Your Solution

Elaborate use cases, define your features, script behavior, and scaffold the code.

Host your experience

Implement process steps, polish the user experience, plug into the ecosystem, launch.

Joyful Creation For The Fediverse

By Going Beyond The App • We Enter The Peopleverse

Seamless Social Experiences

Creating social experiences should be fun and as easy as possible.

Social Reimagined

With social networking we think technology nowadays. Yet it is intrinsic to human nature. Same as we have relationships and social activity in real life, so can we extend that, and build bridges towards the Fediverse. Based on open standards and a host of delightful apps we weave a social fabric that brings these two separate worlds closer together. Where all this is in support of human needs and our daily lives, we will call this the Peopleverse.

United In Diversity

An exciting future lies in front of us. The Fediverse has a unique, grassroots culture of independent people that interact. Fedizens are passionate folks and value-driven. We will foster thriving communities, interconnected, where people are friends that collaborate. We build our own Spiral Island, our common home. With safe spaces for everyone to discover common interests, exchange ideas, tell great stories and forge new friendships.

Peopleverse is a vision for the Fediverse that involves deeply social human interactions.

Imagine A Peopleverse

Bring Your Social To The People

With Your Solution Ready To Go • Time To Weave Into The Fediverse

Launch On Groundwork Platform

A federated server to host your interoperable building blocks.


A growing collection of presentation components helps support your designs.


Your domain designs are packaged as services that you can manage at runtime.


Get easy access to data without concerns of storage location and federation support.

We Create • Create With Us

Joyful Creation Is Our Quest • Join Our Adventure, Be Part Of The Game

We Are Member Of Social Coding Movement

Our ideation, design and development is a collective and social effort.

Community First

Software is made by people for people in a highly collaborative and creative process.

Open is Everything

We work in public. We build on open standards and only use open technologies.

Democratic Governance

Regardless of skills and background your voice is heard.

Educate and Learn

We are open to learn from each other, and will actively teach. We like thinking out-of-the-box.

Join Our Inclusive Community. Help Evolve Our Showcases

We love Designers

Collect feedback, elicit requirements. Design our own experience, optimize our flow.

We need Coders

Ponder our architecture. Hack in the codebase. Test and automate our build.

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