Process Driven Application Development for the Fediverse

Solidground helps ease the design and implementation of highly extensible social networking modules. After deployment on the Groundwork service platform they become part of the interoperable ecosystem and available to be composed into exciting new social experiences. This project is in early stages of development.

Help Build This Project

Focus More On Your Features, Worry Less On The Tech

Intuitive Methods To Guide You • A Robust Platform To Launch

Start With Solidground Domain Driven Design

An opinionated process to help create software that matches people's needs.

Map The Domain

Brainstorm collaboratively, capture common language, diagram domain models.

Bootstrap The Code

Bootstrap the project, generate code and behavior tests, implement modules.

Compose The App

Glue modules together, polish the user experience, plug into the ecosystem, deploy.

Deploy Your Federated Modules

Break Out Of App Silo's • Deliver Fediverse Features

Launch On Groundwork Service Platform

A modular service platform for interoperable building blocks.


A growing collection of presentation components helps support your designs.


Your domain models are packaged as services that you can manage at runtime.


Delegate concerns of content storage and federation support to the platform.

Help Reimagine Social Networking

Design Social Experiences • Envision The Peopleverse

Onboard To The Fediverse

Building social applications should be fun and as easy as possible.

Embrace The Ecosystem

The Fediverse is a steadily growing social environment, where free software applications interact based on open standards. Many delightful apps have been created over time and some became very popular, most notably Microblogging apps. But the potential of the Fediverse goes much further and we will explore the possibilities. We will lay the groundwork and provide solid ground to prepare your path towards the Peopleverse.

Face The Challenges

The Fediverse has a unique, grassroots culture of independent people who collaborate. Exciting innovation is possible, but organizing is a challenge and federating still too hard. We will contribute to developer tools already created. Our focus is on the ease and joy of creating interoperable social apps. We strive to shield you from complexity and automate the chores. So you can walk from Fediverse to Peopleverse with us.

Peopleverse is a vision for the Fediverse that involves deeply social human interactions.

Learn More About The Peopleverse

We Develop • Develop With Us

Solidground has just started. Join the fun! Work on cool projects and hone your skills.

We love Designers

Collect feedback, elicit requirements. Design the experience, optimize the flow.

We need Coders

Ponder the architecture. Hack in the codebase. Test and automate the build.

We Practice Social Coding

Our ideation, design and development is a collective and social effort.

Community First

Software is made by people for people in a highly collaborative and creative process.

Open is Everything

We work in public. We build on open standards and only use open technologies.

Democratic Governance

Regardless of skills and background your voice is heard.

Educate and Learn

We are open to learn from each other, and will actively teach. We like thinking out-of-the-box.

Get Grounded in our Community

We need your feedback and help