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Project Roadmap

Milestone release planned for Q3 2024

Q1 2024
Q2 2024
Q2 2024

Milestone release planned for Q3 2024.

Parallel project stages

Two major stages in the Solidground project serve demonstrate our innovative approach. At launch time in Q3 2024 the first stage completes, to demonstrate a Minimum Lovable Process for practicing Social experience design. In parallel and for the longer term, our research and innovation focuses on Joyful creation and is scoped to encompass the emerging ecosystem around Solidground project.

MLPMinimum Lovable Process. Project phase where a client and creator can create a social experience using our opinionated design process.
MJCMinimum Joyful Creation. Project phase where a client and creator are able to mold our tool suite to match their own preferred design process.

Lovable process

In this project stage the foundations of the Solidground tool suite are sufficiently laid out to:

  • Facilitate collaborative solution design between client and creator.
  • Implement Groundwork SX as outlined in Social experience design.
  • Host a showcase social experience on the Social Web.

Key objective is to demonstrate added value of developer tools that:

  • Are process-oriented and needs-driven.
  • Provide process guidance and automation.
  • Keep focus on the domain of the client.

Now: Project kickoff

  • Solidground DX design process
  • Solidground development environment
  • SDK development environment for creators
  • Floorplanner design environment for clients
  • Test, build, deploy, maintain

Q1: Groundwork hosting

  • Groundwork localhost
  • Groundwork hubs
  • Service components
  • Capability providers
  • Floorplanner administration
  • Floorplanner workspaces

Q2: Floorplanner designer

  • Design projects
  • Diagramming
  • Strategic design, clients
  • Strategic design, creators
  • Blueprinting

Q2: Taskweave engine

  • Distributed workflows
  • Workflow templates
  • Blueprint scaffolding
  • Blueprint deployment
  • Host provisioning
  • Weave SDK

Q3: MLP launch

  • Living documentation
  • Client showcase

Joyful creation

Q3: Joyful coding

Q3: Moldable methods

Q4: Collaboration hubs

  • Solidground design hub